Our planet is the most valuable thing we all have, that's why we decided to make fashion responsibly and produce our swimwear only from sustainable certified recycled materials. All in terms of Circular Fashion and Circular Economy. We design our products with purpose, that are longlasting, made locally and ethically. Without any toxic substances, from recycled materials, and recyclable for the future. The concept of swimpatisserie comes from our personal life experience and the way we create it, care about things. We are a small family business owned and run by a couple of designers.

Platform "Recycled Everything"

The Fashion Industry is one of the biggest water consumer. Per only a one ton of dyed fabric it takes up to 200 ton of fresh drinking water. One of the best option to avoid this water consumption is to use recycled materials which reduce use of water up to 90% percent.

Within the swimpatisserie brand, we have created our own „Recycled Everything“ platform, which means that all the materials we use in our brand are only from recycled materials. From recycled fabrics, recycled yarns to recycled paper packaging and labels. All the textile materials are certified with GRS – Global Recycled Standard, which gives them proof of proper recycling process from post consumer waste. Our recycled papers hold certificates such as PCW – Post Consumer Waste, also made from recycled fibers and FSC – a mark of responsible forestry, meets the criteria of the renewable chain and confirms that the wood from which the paper is made of,comes from certified forests.


Breathable, compressive and pleasant on the skin, with perfect ability to adapt to the body. Materials we use are longlasting, chlorine, salt, suncream and oil resistant and also highly UV protective (UPF 50+). Made from ECONYL® recycled fiber for which PET bottles and old fishing nets were used. All the fishing nets are collected by volunteer divers, whom we admire and thank the most!

Minimal Waste

We originally planned to sew some little things for you from the remaining cutting waste, but we don't do such, because we almost have no waste! We have adjusted the cuts, technique and the production so we can minimize the remaining waste as much as possible. Now it is a fractional %. For our packaging and labels we use recycled paper which contains 40% recycled post-consumer waste and fruits by-products and it's 100% percent compostable – so no waste here!

Local Production

We are a small „slowfacture“ studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. For the production we have prepared a pleasant environment, where we try to be as self-sufficient as possible, during the whole production. Which means that we produce all important components of the brand as well labels, cards and packaging ourselves, thanks to which we have a complete control over the production.

Nowadays the relationship between customer and the brand built on transparency and trust is very important. It is very important for you to be oriented in what materials we use, what certificates they have, where we produce our products and what is our brand concept. We pay attention to all the details associated with production, because from the very first beginning of swimpatisserie we made a commitment to work efficiently and environmentally friendly in principles of circular fashion and circular economy.


We set up a goal in swimpatisserie, only to use material free from toxic chemicals, materials, which are certified and has been tested. Our recycled paper packaging are made from recycled post consumer waste and from by-products from citrus fruits, grapes and corn, giving them it´s natural coloring range, without any chemical colorings and it´s GMO free. For screen printing information on our clothes we use water based ink certified with OEKO TEX ECO PASSPORT, which gives it a transparent proof of which articles meet the criteria for ecologically responsible textile and leather manufacture.

Less CO2 Emissions

Producing regenerated nylon reduces global warming impact up to 90%, compared to the new one from the oil. The production of recycled materials also generates significantly less CO2 emissions. That is the reason, we have chosen, in our studio, to use only materials that doesn't cost our planet. Our fabrics, together with sewing threads, are made from recycled PET bottles and fishnets. For packaging and labels we use finest recycled paper made from post consumer waste and by-products, replacing 15% of virgin tree pulp of trees which absorb CO2 as a part of the biological carbon cycle. For the paper production only the green energy from wind mills is used. Not only manufacturing recycled material generates less CO2 emissions, it also reduces landfills on our planet.

Not so Trashy Idea

We care about our customers, about the future of our products and it is necessary to face the devalued or old piece. Recycled fiber, colours and cuts are very longlasting, but if the customer by any chance decides to throw away the product due to damage, tearing or other reasons, we will be happy to buy it back for further processing, recycling and future development in the form of a discount for the next purchase. Thank you, that you are not even interested but you are also supporting sustainable, ethical and local fashion, thanks to we can be an inspiration for other industries and productions. It matters that you care.