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Hey Sugar, We Are Sustainable Small Local Production using only Recycled Materials.

And we want to stay that way. The whole process is under our control because we are completely selfsuficient.

Sustainable Values

Made Localy in Ethical Conditions

Local Production

We are small two person „slowfacture“ studio, based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Thanks to our small production, we have absolute control of how we make our products.
Nowadays the relationship between the customer and the brand built on transparency and trust is very important. It is necessary for you to be oriented in what kind of materials we use, what certificates they have, why is it so important to us, how we develop the cuts and what is our brand concept.

Production of regenerated nylon reduces global warming impact by up to 90%

Compared to producing a new one made from oil. From the beggining of swimpatisserie we set a goal only to use recycled materials. The production of recycled materials generates significantly less CO2 emissions. We also use 100% recycled threads, made from old PET bottles. Small details like this are pushing us beyond common standards.

New Arrival Essentials

Made from Recycled Fiber